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What is the Weather like? September 1, 2006

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 Internet offers very interesting websites that show the definition of the terms “weather” and “climate”. They are specially designed for English-speaking children, so they are very attractive and easy to understand for our students. Here is a list with these virtual sites.


act_weather_logo.gif This is an excellent website with activities about the weather. It includes a glossary of terms.

 cloud2.gif  bbc.gif  This website gives a good definition of  the term “weather” and it includes the section “weather and people”, for ages 4-11.

 cloud3.gif  nellieenglishproject_banner.gif  Elementary School Webquests about weather and the solar system for ages 9-12.                            

cloud4.gif  wwkbanner.gif  An excellent website for kids with explanations about climate and weather, the water cycle, including experiments, jokes and games.        

cloud8.gif  esa.gif  Current weather images of Europe from Eduspace, including images from the Meteosat:                                        

sun6.gif  head_g4k.gif Geography for kids: this website has a good definition of the terms “weather” and “climate”:                                                           


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    Hi everybody,
    I’m working on CLIL & I’ve done a Bilingual Educatio Platform where I’m including theoretic articles & resources to use in class. If any one wants to contact me my email is I find this blog very interesting. I think we could work toguether to help the introduction of bilingual education in Spain.

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