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Using webquests in the CLIL classroom June 13, 2007

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 Here you have a collection of Internet projects and activities designed by Carmen Mellado Álvarez for 1st E.S.O. in the Bilingual Program at I.E.S. Aznalcóllar:



1.  A webquest in Spanish: Ahorro de energía en el hogar


Social Sciences

2.  A mini-webquest in English: Who were the Celts?


  Natural Sciences

3.  A webquest in English: Doñana: a UNESCO Heritage Site



4.  A treasure hunt in English: In Quest of famous Britons

5.  A webquest in Spanish: De excursión a Gibraltar


One Response to “Using webquests in the CLIL classroom”

  1. conci mazzullo Says:

    Dear colleague,

    I must say that you did a great job.

    Your research really helps and makes us save time. I’m sorry you don’t have a similar backup for Renaissance art.

    conci mazzullo

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