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Physical education websites September 13, 2007

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Powerpoints for PE: excellent



Other activities

1. BBC: Physical education:

2.    Olympic games:

3.       Winter sports: rules and equipment:

4.       Winter sports games:

5.       Fitness  terminology:

6.       Aerobics: excellent with videos:

7.       No smoking: interdisciplinary activities against smoking:

8.       Smoking aerobic: activity to show how smoking affects your daily routines:

9.       Soccer and baseball: equipment and rules:  

10.       How to be active:  in French too.

11.    Different activities:

12.     Jump rope skills:

13.    Printable activities:

14.    Links to the body:

15.    How my body works: great with videos:

16.    Body parts: great with sound:

17.    BBC website: interactive body: muscles:

18.    Teaching physical education in English:

19.    Healthy food: 

20.    My body: excellent interactive explanations in Spanish and English:

21.   Animations:

22.    Clipart sport images:

23.   It´s up to you: good listenings:

24.   Food and activities:

25.   Health: http://wñ

26.   Health:   Food white board: great lesson plans:

27.   Keeping healthy: run/sleep/walk a science clip with a quiz:

28.   The heart:

29.    Exercise and health: whiteboard:

30.   Characteristics of animals: great for English:

31.    Health and physical activities:

32.   Interactive body:

33.   Body parts: white board:  

34. Excellent website with vocabulary in Spanish and English about the most common sports:

35. Great website with interactives:

36. It´s up to you!: website with an activity calendar on-line:

37. Great website for young students: physical activities with gifs:

38. Excellent website about the body in English and Spanish:  with narrations:


2 Responses to “Physical education websites”

  1. The association for Physical Education has just launched a BETA version of the PE Zone – This site is a compilation of resources along with a PE social network and project management tool. With enough collaboration and networking this website will become the one stop site for al Physical Education teachers needs. If there is any difficulty with the site or registration issues all users can contact

    Those of you who wish to become content publishers please contact us and we can discuss possibilities.

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