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“2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever” September 4, 2006

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Discover how interesting can the queen of the sciences be working with these interactive websites.

amdfk_factors_large.jpg    This is an excellent website which includes a maths dictionary with visual explanations and interactive games at different levels.

 mathsisfun.jpg  An illustrated Mathematics Dictionary.

button_numbers_on.gif   header.gif   This website deals with basic mathematics including games and a math glossary.

header_interstitial.gif  This is a school website designed for younger students with a lot of fun maths at different levels.

apples4theteacher-logo.jpg  Visit this educational website to play interesting Math games.

iknowthat.gif   geometry.GIF In this interactive website you can play interesting geometry games.

meanmymths.jpg  “Me and my Math” is a website designed for children to learn about the laws of Arithmetics.

 fractions_presentation.gif  This is a section in the previous website which includes a good visual explanation about fractions with interactive activities.

woodlandsgames.gif  Enter the Woodlands Junior School´s Maths Zone with several fun online interactive activities. These pages are for ages 7-11.

crest.jpg    This is the Mathematics Department´s website at Madras College, which has good mathematical games links.

hd.jpg  This is a website with video maths explanations for young children. It includes a free explanation about whole numbers and place value.      

nav1_logo_over.gif This is an excellent website with useful oral explanations and fun interactive activities about patterns, place value and tangrams.

imagesactionmath.jpg  This is a good website with problem solving video games. 

header_cm4kmain1.gif  Mathematics can be fun. Visit this website designed for younger students, which includes interesting maths games.

14.gif  createagraph_logo.gif  This is a website aimed at older secondary students to make graphs in English.

banner_base_lh_btm1.gif    bbc2.gif  Excellent BBC website with several interactive maths explanations and games.

im_mathsi.gif    bbc2.gif A BBC school website with explanations and tests. It includes Pytahgora´s Theorem, trigonometry and angles, area and voulme and graphs. There are two Maths levels.

revisewise_title_on.gif   bbc2.gif  Another BBC website designed for ages 4-1.

mathglossary.gif  This is an excellent good oral math glossary for young learners.

ice.gif  This is a useful website with more links to more interactive maths resources.