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Physical education websites September 13, 2007

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Powerpoints for PE: excellent



Other activities

1. BBC: Physical education:

2.    Olympic games:

3.       Winter sports: rules and equipment:

4.       Winter sports games:

5.       Fitness  terminology:

6.       Aerobics: excellent with videos:

7.       No smoking: interdisciplinary activities against smoking:

8.       Smoking aerobic: activity to show how smoking affects your daily routines:

9.       Soccer and baseball: equipment and rules:  

10.       How to be active:  in French too.

11.    Different activities:

12.     Jump rope skills:

13.    Printable activities:

14.    Links to the body:

15.    How my body works: great with videos:

16.    Body parts: great with sound:

17.    BBC website: interactive body: muscles:

18.    Teaching physical education in English:

19.    Healthy food: 

20.    My body: excellent interactive explanations in Spanish and English:

21.   Animations:

22.    Clipart sport images:

23.   It´s up to you: good listenings:

24.   Food and activities:

25.   Health: http://wñ

26.   Health:   Food white board: great lesson plans:

27.   Keeping healthy: run/sleep/walk a science clip with a quiz:

28.   The heart:

29.    Exercise and health: whiteboard:

30.   Characteristics of animals: great for English:

31.    Health and physical activities:

32.   Interactive body:

33.   Body parts: white board:  

34. Excellent website with vocabulary in Spanish and English about the most common sports:

35. Great website with interactives:

36. It´s up to you!: website with an activity calendar on-line:

37. Great website for young students: physical activities with gifs:

38. Excellent website about the body in English and Spanish:  with narrations: