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History: “A Series of Accumulated Imaginative Inventions” September 2, 2006

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According to Voltaire, history consists of a series of accumulative imaginative inventions. Let´s discover some of these inventions in the following websites.

tut1.gif  bm_logo.gif   Explore The British Museum website, which offers extensive information and pictures about the ancient civilizations. 

world_icons2.gif  bm_logo.gif   The British museum website where you can study different world civilizations.

hplion.gif  bm_logo.gif    Visit the Bristish Museum website specially designed for schools where you can search differents students´ages and different items of the curriculum, including good games and vitual visit to the museum.

banner2.gif  logo042.gif   Meet the Celts during the Iron Age in Wales visiting a funny animated website with stories and games with cartoon characters. 

launch_ironage_life.jpg  logo042.gif   In this interesting web game you can find out whether you have the skills to make fire, bake bread and so survive the Iron Age.            

launch_treasure.jpg  bbc1.gif  From the Palaeolithic to the Norman Conquest, explore archaeological sites and treasures from the past, then test yourself on the eras and events in the Ages of Treasure game. Discover the key sites of Britain´s archaeological past, such as Stonehenge.  

launch_pyramid_challenge.jpg  logo042.gif  A game about Ancient Egypt: Build your own pyramid. Journey back four and a half thousand years to Egypt’s Old Kingdom, to the Pyramid Age. As the vizier, or head of state, you are about to undertake the most important project of your career – the building of the king’s pyramid.

launch_mummy_maker.jpg  logo042.gif   Play this game about Egypt, and dare to become a mummy maker.

launch_population.jpg  logo042.gif   Launch this animation about the population history of Great Britain.  

greece06s.gif  logo042.gif    Travel to the ancient Greece, enjoy the Olimpic Games, visit the city of Athens and the Greek Theatre.

rome01.gif  bbc1.gif  Visit the city of Rome, know about the Roman army, visit the Roman remains and discover interesting aspects of their culture and civilization.

resources_caesar.giflogo042.gif  Discover the life of the Romans in Scotland.  Visit a Roman fort and the Caledonian village.    

launch_colosseum.jpg  logo042.gif  Launch this excellent animation to see a plan of the Roman Colosseum.


What is the Weather like? September 1, 2006

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 Internet offers very interesting websites that show the definition of the terms “weather” and “climate”. They are specially designed for English-speaking children, so they are very attractive and easy to understand for our students. Here is a list with these virtual sites.


act_weather_logo.gif This is an excellent website with activities about the weather. It includes a glossary of terms.

 cloud2.gif  bbc.gif  This website gives a good definition of  the term “weather” and it includes the section “weather and people”, for ages 4-11.

 cloud3.gif  nellieenglishproject_banner.gif  Elementary School Webquests about weather and the solar system for ages 9-12.                            

cloud4.gif  wwkbanner.gif  An excellent website for kids with explanations about climate and weather, the water cycle, including experiments, jokes and games.        

cloud8.gif  esa.gif  Current weather images of Europe from Eduspace, including images from the Meteosat:                                        

sun6.gif  head_g4k.gif Geography for kids: this website has a good definition of the terms “weather” and “climate”: