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Technology Interactive Websites November 14, 2007

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1. This is an interesting game for simple machines:



2. This is another game for compound machines:



 3. Glossary with the terms used in both games



Web Resources for Technology Teachers September 12, 2006

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  • inventive_kids_red.jpg  Inventions: My inventive room.
  • science_materials_on.gif   bbc3.gif Materials.
  • revisewise_title_on2.gif  bbc3.gif   Materials.
  • which_fabric_text.gif  bbc3.gif  Clothes materials.
  • interactlogo.gif   aalogo.gif  Electrical circuits: games and terminology.
  • interactlogo.gif sslogo.gif  A game.
  •  hotnasa.gif  Electrical circuits.
  • sl_title.gif   bbc3.gif Electricity.
  • se_title.gif   bbc3.gif  Electrical circuits: BBC.
  • circuit1.jpg Simple electrical circuit. 
  • hp_scienceclips.gif    bbc3.gif  BBC: using electricity.
  • ani_thinkingcap.gif Electricity.
  • logo.gif Electricity.
  • big_bulb.gif Electricity and magnetism: interactive explanation.
  • tools1c.gif  Electricity game.
  • building_17.gif  Household appliances: a game.
  • pod01.gif   bbc3.gif A project to make a battery with a lemon.
  • rad_dialup5.gif Computers lessons with pdf activities.
  • splash1964.gif  Powerpoint: tutorial for kids. 
  • at_sys.gif  Lessons on computers.